Inventory Control / Capitalization

Inventory Control is responsible for tagging and conducting an annual inventory of over 11,000 pieces of capital equipment on six campuses and various other locations.  Accurate records regarding the location of equipment is vital for Cost Recovery calculations, with regards to accountability with the State of Connecticut Property Control Manual, and for proper valuation on the financial statements.

Because taggable equipment is also generally easily moveable, it is a special challenge to complete this task. We are always seeking departmental participation to follow our procedures and review the lists we send to you.

This area of the Accounting Office is also responsible for the capitalization and tracking of all other fixed assets including land, buildings, nonstructural or infrastructure and construction-in-progress.

We will be increasingly utilizing this website to make contact with the University community in this regard. So please visit us often.


Inventory Control / Capitalization Staff

343 Mansfield Road, Unit 2074
Storrs, Ct 06269-2074
Phone: (860) 486-2934
Fax: (860) 486-0570

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