Equipment Count (Physical Inventory)

Notification: Inventory Control will notify departments 30 days in advance of the scheduled physical inventory. The Inventory Control Specialists and individual department personnel perform physical counts of all equipment on an annual basis.

Inventory Scanning: The Inventory Control Specialist will start the inventory by scanning all the capital equipment that is visible to the eye. If there is equipment in a drawer or cabinet or locked up the Specialist will not look there and an appointment will be made to have someone within the department show the Specialist the equipment.

If an asset is missing the UConn decal number, a new decal sticker will need to be printed and affixed to the equipment.

Inventory Reconciliation: Once the Inventory Control Specialist has completed the scanning phase, the Departmental Contact for Inventory, (DCI) will be contacted and provided a report listing the asset(s) that the Specialist was unable to find while scanning.

The DCI will contact the responsible party listed on the report or any other pertinent party to find out the location of the equipment. Once the location is determined and verified by the department the DCI will contact the Specialist.

The Inventory Control Specialist will verify each piece of equipment until all items are accounted for.

Inventory Close-Out: If a department has any write-offs or assets that are determined to be left as unfound until the next inventory cycle, Inventory Control will schedule an Inventory Close-Out meeting where the results of the inventory will be discussed. The Departmental Contact for Inventory and Fiscal Officer must attend the close out meeting. The Departmental Head or Dean will be invited to the meeting.

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