Equipment Tagging

The Inventory Control Office assigns a tag number to all capital equipment. The six-digit tag number is for quick identification of the asset and is the key to the University’s equipment records. Entering a tag number accesses information in the Capital Asset Management module in the Kuali Financial System (KFS). The Inventory Control Specialists affix barcoded tags to pieces of equipment.

Capital equipment ($5,000 and over) is tagged with a UConn barcode sticker. As of July 1, 2015, Inventory Control no longer tags equipment with a cost of under $5,000. See information on Controllable Property Assets below.

The Inventory Control Specialists will tag a piece of equipment when it is paid for. Payments with equipment object codes automatically create records in Capital Asset Builder. Capital equipment is purchased using most of the 82XX object codes. For more information regarding equipment object codes, please click here.

A department should request that equipment be tagged upon receipt if the equipment is to be disbursed to multiple locations or if the equipment is to be located at a facility other than a University Campus or Extension Office before Inventory Control Specialists get there. Inventory Control staff are more than willing to work with faculty and staff to expedite this process. We often mail tags to departmental personnel in exchange for information on the equipment that is needed for entry into KFS CAM.

Controllable Property Assets are created by Inventory Control based on purchases using object code 8306 in KFS. Controllable Property tags will be sent to departments when Purchase Orders and ProCard records are created. The department is responsible for affixing the tags to the equipment.