Report of Loss or Damage to State Owned Real and Personal Property

In case of loss or damage of equipment, the department sustaining the loss should proceed as follows:

  1. The supervisor of the department or, in his/her absence, another person having line of responsibility shall report the theft or damage to the UConn Police Department immediately upon discovery. The UConn Police Department will issue an incident # on their report. Regional campuses should report to their respective substations of the UConn Police Department. Off-site locations should make their report to the local police department with jurisdiction.
  2. The supervisor of the department, or a person of managerial level in the line of command, shall within 5 days after discovery of a loss of accountable property, prepare and submit an Accountability (C-1) form. This form can be found at

The Police Department will notify the University of Connecticut Office of the Controller. The Controller will notify the State of Connecticut Office of the State Comptroller via the CO-853: REPORT OF LOSS OR DAMAGE TO STATE OWNED REAL AND PERSONAL PROPERTY with a copy to the department.