Equipment on Loan from the University

Departments may authorize a University employee, student or affiliate to use University owned equipment off of state property for conducting University related business. The Borrower of the equipment is responsible for theft or damage to the equipment and provides due care and security for the equipment until it is returned to the University.

In the event of theft, the procedures prescribed in “Loss or Damage to Real and Personal Property” must be adhered to. Equipment must be tagged before it leaves University premises. Special arrangements can be made to perform these tasks simultaneously if purchase order information is provided. The Borrower is required to initiate the Equipment Loan eDoc in the Kuali Financial System (KFS). The form will route to the Fiscal Officer (FO) for approval.

If the Equipment Loan eDoc is initiated by someone other than the Borrower, the Borrower must approve the Equipment Loan eDoc.  The department lending the equipment should maintain records of the equipment lent out and follow up on the return of the equipment. A return request must be submitted in KFS when the equipment has been physically returned to the department; otherwise the loan must be renewed every 2 years. The equipment should not be loaned for extended periods of time and should be returned for verification when a physical inventory count is taken in the department.

Since the use of laptops has increased tremendously, the question has arisen regarding the intermittent relocation of University property off of State premises. An example of this is when employees take a laptop home to work on weekends. We will accept a loan request in these circumstances but the intermittent nature of loan should be noted on the request, as well as if the equipment will be used while traveling and to what location. It should be stressed that University equipment is to be used only for University business, and that a University employee must be the person submitting the request as responsible for due care of the equipment.

To initiate an Equipment Loan eDoc, please click HERE. Enter the tag number in the Tag Number Field, click Search, and then click loan to create a loan, renew an existing loan, or return equipment.  Type Loan, Renewal, or Return in Description field and complete fields with an asterisk “*”.

For step by step guide on how to initiate the Equipment Loan/Return eDoc to create a new loan, renew an existing loan, or return equipment, please refer to the CAM Procedure Guide.