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Retirement of Equipment (formerly ACT-39)

Pursuant to Public Act 91-256, the University may transfer or dispose of surplus, unused or unserviceable equipment. The Director of Purchasing, through the Central Stores Division, has procedures to accomplish this. In general, a department notifies the Director of Central Stores when it determines it has items to be surplused, items that are not being used, or items that are unserviceable. The Director of Central Stores inspects the items and determines the disposition. Central Stores has several options to handle this. Central Stores can try to find other departments at the University to use the equipment; can transfer the equipment to other state agencies; can donate the equipment to municipalities and non-profit organizations; can trade in the equipment; can sell the equipment; or can discard it.

Equipment to be discarded or returned to Central Stores as surplus should be submitted using the Asset Transfer e-doc in the Kuali Financial System. The Asset Transfer e-doc will route to Central Stores for approval and pick up. When the disposition of the assets have been determined, an Asset Transfer or Retirement of Asset will be processed accordingly by Central Stores.

Note: Departments may not dispose any University owned equipment without the assistance of Central Stores.

For step by step guide to Transfer an Asset to Central Stores, please click here (page 18). For more information or questions regarding the Surplus pick up process, please visit the Central Stores website.