Retirement of Equipment – ACT-39

Pursuant to Public Act 91-256, the University may transfer or dispose of surplus, unused or unserviceable equipment. The Director of Purchasing, through the Central Stores Division, has procedures to accomplish this. In general, a department notifies the Director of Central Stores when it determines it has items to be surplused, items that are not being used, or items that are unserviceable. The Director of Central Stores inspects the items and determines the disposition. Central Stores has several options to handle this. Central Stores can try to find other departments at the University to use the equipment; can transfer the equipment to other state agencies; can donate the equipment to municipalities and non-profit organizations; can trade in the equipment; can sell the equipment; or can discard it.

Equipment to be discarded or returned to Central Stores as surplus should be listed on the ACT-39 by the initiating department. The ACT-39 should then be submitted to Central Stores for approval. Central Stores forwards a copy of the ACT-39 to Plant Funds upon completion of the move. The ACT-39 lets Plant Funds know of the permanent changes in location of equipment.

Departments moving equipment without the assistance of Central Stores should fill out an ACT-39 and forward it directly to Plant Funds or submit an online form via the Inventory Control Workflow (ICW).

For equipment that has not been located in several physical inventories and that is fully depreciated with a book value of zero, a Substitute ACT-39 may be processed to remove the item from a department’s inventory records.  Many of these items are old personal computers which are most likely obsolete and an ACT-39 form was not filled out when the item was disposed of initially.  However, we need your approval to take them off the University’s equipment records.  According to University policy Deans, Directors and Department Heads are responsible for equipment assigned to their areas.  However, they may designate other faculty or staff to be their Departmental Contact for Inventory (DCI).  Periodically, Inventory Control has been sending out lists of equipment to departments suggesting that Substitute ACT-39s be processed for the items on the list.  We ask that the department verify that each piece of equipment is no longer a part of their inventory by returning the list with the disposal column completed. If a piece of equipment on this list is located, please provide us with a building and room number so that we can update our inventory records.