Request Payment via Wire Transfers

Vendor/individual payments for goods and services can be processed as “wires” for electronic funds payments. All request for payments via wire transfer need to be sent to Accounts Payable following the same procedures as any other payment request. Cash Operations is responsible for the execution of wire transfer payments received from Accounts Payable.

  1. Complete the Request for Payment via Wire Transfer, attach to CO-17 Invoice for Services Rendered or Prepaid Registration form.
    It is imperative that all information requested be provided in order for the transaction to be completed properly.

  2. Forward form to Accounts Payable following the same procedures as other payment requests.

  3. Accounts Payable will forward the request to Cash Operations for execution of the transactions.

    NOTE: Request for payment via wire transfer should only be requested when a ProCard purchase or check payment is not feasible. Use of the ProCard often results in a more favorable exchange rate on small dollar purchases.

Wire Payments are processed as follows:

  • International and Domestic Wire Transfers

    • Vendor payments to Foreign and Domestic Banking Institutions

  • Prepaid Registration

    • To request payment for a conference registration fee to International Banking Institution.

      Use Procard (Credit Card Payments) when possible, in the event conference does not accept credit card payments, submit the prepaid registration form, attach conference supporting documents and forward to Travel Office at

  • Automatic Clearing House (ACH)

    The ACH process electronically deposits payments such as Travel Advances and Employee Reinbursements directly to bank account. Notifification of the transaction will be handled via e-mail.


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