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OLTV Introduction

INTRODUCTION:  Welcome to the Online Transfer Voucher (OLTV) Workflow application.  Completing the form is quick and easy, however, it’s important that you read this introduction carefully. 


Purpose of this form:  The purpose of this online workflow tool is to notify the Accounting Office of one or more of the following:


  • Service Center billings charges e.g. (Catering, Parking Services, Biotechnology, Central Stores, Document Production, etc.)
  • Departmental stockroom product distribution
  • Departmental copier billing accounts
  • Student Labor Payroll adjustments/re-coding
  • Inter and intradepartmental expenditure adjustments/corrections
  • Employee Travel Awards


Please read the OLTV Manual carefully before you proceed any further.  If you require access to the OLTV, please contact Randy Moore.


Click here to begin the Online Transfer Voucher Workflow application.


Please do NOT use this form for the following:


  • Transactions involving 4, 6 and 7 ledgers.
  • TVs should not be used with any GL account activity.  They are used exclusively with SLs for expenditure or revenue transactions whether for corrections or interdepartmental billings.
  • They should not be used for budget reallocations.  These are completed on A-1s, which you will learn about from the Budget Office.
  • Cost transfers for restricted OSP grant and contract accounts, which usually move transactions or charges to or from a grant account to a non-grant accounts should not be done on a TV.
  • To change payroll allocation from a Payroll Authorization.
  • Fund Transfers, which relate only to the GL, are typically requested through a memorandum to the Budget Office and a T-1 is completed by Budget and sent to the Accounting Office for processing. 


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